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October 21, 2010

What we will be doing this weekend...

Our Halloween party is nearly a week away and this is how we are going to spend our upcoming weekend.

Turning our garage from THIS...

Into THIS!

A great trick for covering up garage walls, tools (and loads of junk) is to hang black plastic from the ceiling to the floor. Being a Halloween fanatic, we take it a step further and sponge paint blocks on the black plastic to give it a bit of dimension. In the past, Chris has used a car washing sponge to paint blocks. The last two years he and Emma started using a cheap mop from the Dollar Store. The sponge on the mop was the perfect size and the handle made it easy for stamping paint.

Halloween 2008

I hope you have a festive weekend and get a chance to do something that you love! Welcome new followers! Only a few more to make 100 followers. Very cool. Thank you so much for all the nice comments you have left. I love reading them and visiting you too!

Happy soon-to-be weekend!


Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks said...

OMG! This idea is brilliant!!! Our Halloween party is this Saturday...I'll have to file this away for next year!!!

Jodee said...

You go girl and have fun getting ready for your party!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Have fun this weekend!! We will be Halloween decorating this weekend too! I actually just posted (today) about last years decor. You'll have to sneak over and check it out!