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July 7, 2011

Loft & Lights

I haven't shared any treehouse updates in awhile. When I last left you on our official tour, I mentioned that the ladder and loft railing wasn't finished yet. Minus a few coats of paint, it's done.

Chris also added padding and carpeting and the girls have been snuggling up with their favorite pillows, blankets and reading materials.

He also put the ceiling lights on a dimmer switch.

And when the girls don't want to use ceiling lights,
there are other options.

It warms my heart to see my girls enjoying their treehouse.

Such a beautiful little house.
Thank you, Chris.



Jboo said...

Gorgeous tree house! He did a fabulous job!


Lee said...

Chris is amazing- Love all the lights!
Enjoyed the ne pictures...thanks for sharing!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Oh that last shot is utter perfection. I bet it is so cozy and warm and HAPPY in there.

Diann said...

Your treehouse is just woderful. You and Chris did such a great job!

My Vintage Mending said...

It looks like that house has always been there. I can only imagine my mom would have to drag me out of the way it looks lit up! great job Chris...smiles..Renee

Cheryl G. said...

That is the cutest tree house I've ever seen and it looks like your girls love it too!

Heather said...

How wonderful! It's like a sweet home away from home. I wouldn't mind one of those myself!

Donna said...

I am in awe of your gorgeous tree house! Chris did an amazing job! And you even have electricity! Watch out, if he adds plumbing, I just may decide to move in:) Oh, do you ever make it up to the loft?

Cheryl said...

Stunning playhouse!!!

Jodee said...

Your tree house turned out sooo cute! I especially love the picture in the dark. It's perfect!

vivian said...

sooo awesome. what lucky lucky little girls!
tgif!! (well soon anyways!) for a short week it sure has been long!!
have a great weekend!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

What a beautiful tree house!

Anonymous said...

Kim this is AMAZING! You and your hubby are both so crafty. Wow!!! I went back and read the other posts. Boy I've missed out! I haven't read many blogs this summer. :( Gotta get back; what in the world will you all be up to next?!