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October 28, 2011

Halloween happiness!

My dear friend Renee (My Vintage Mending) shared earlier this week on her blog that she made me a special Halloween apron. When the package arrived, not only did it contain this sweet apron, it also contained so many other special goodies...

Just look at all these aprons!!
(I'm not loving myself in the pics, but the aprons are adorable)

Even Josie got a Wonder Woman apron!

Aside from all her homemade creations, she even tucked in this vintage apron!
(Which will be perfect for my apron wall in my craft room).

Aren't these the sweetest Halloween cookie cutters?

She knows I collect vintage party & craft books.

(I'm completely smitten with the images)

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She also made me this darling garland filled with tiny honeycomb lanterns. I have a craft room filled with vintage paper lanterns and I've never seen such delicate tiny lanterns before.

Too too sweet!
It will take a place of honor in my special room.

These Christmas ornaments will also be perfect on my feather tree.

I am sooo darn spoiled.
Thank you, Renee.

We're down to the wire with party preparations.


The next 24 hours will be spent setting up the carnival games and sorting prizes & preparing treats for Saturday night's BIG event.

I promise to attempt a video tour of our decor and party fun to share with all of you later.

Have a frightfully fabulous weekend!


Halloween hugs!



vivian said...

what wonderful gifties! Those aprons are all adorable, the extra treats as well.. those tiny lanterns are wonderful. I think I need to make friends with Renee.. In fact I'll be popping over there in just a minute! lol!
I know you'll be busy the next two days.. I hope youre off of work today! have a great time! I'll be looking forward to pics and that video.

Jodee said...

Wow! Those aprons are fabulous! What a fun package to get in the mail!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Corey said...

love those paper lanterns! And that book looks so cute. I'd love to read about parties from that time period- much more fun than going to Chuck E. Cheese, I'd bet!

Lee said...

Wonderful friend to send so many gifts-but you certainly are deserving of surprises!
You make me feel like I can never live up to your party preparations-but I am determined to have fun!
Don't make yourself crazy-enjoy the weekend!
Think about a visit sometime after your party is over....

My Vintage Mending said...

You and your sweet family are just too easy to gift! Enjoy your wonderful Halloween Party. If I can't be there at least my apron's can join in on the fun...smiles...Renee

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, wonderful gift items for you!! Everything is percfectly perfect for you and your home. Renee is going to have to share a how too on the garland! Oh those pretzel rods look yummy yummy!Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoy your weekend. I know that you will be super busy but I am sure your guests are going to be thrilled with everything! Have fun!

Cheryl G. said...

Those aprons are adorable and so are you!

Cindy said...

Lovely, lovely gifts! Have a wonderful time this weekend...Is it a popcorn supper tonight?

Halloween party hugs,

GardenOfDaisies said...

Have a wonderful time at your party tomorrow!! Everything looks wonderful!! Aw, you gals look so cute in your aprons from Renee! She is so sweet. And those tiny little lanterns on the garland are adorable too. The vintage party book is so perfect for you! I'm going to have to join in on this little vintage book meme next time... that speaks to me.

★Carol★ said...

You've definitely been blessed in having a good friend like Renee! I love everything that she sent you, especially that paper lantern garland. I hope you and your family have a spooktacular time at your party!

Unknown said...

I love your goodies. The party book looks fabulous. I would love to peek inside.

Pam Kessler said...

What beautiful aprons. Those are just fabulous and Josie's is so sweet (in a superhero sort of way). That garland with lanterns is pretty amazing too.