January 20, 2012

Dolls from Around the World for Lil' Vintage Story Books Link Party

It's Friday and so it's time for another Lil' Vintage Story Books Link Party.

Today's book was purchased last weekend from an antique mall while I was in Traverse City.

It's titled The Surprise Doll written by (Morrell Gibson) and illustrated by (Steffie Lerch). Copyright 1949, by Wonder Books, Inc.

This sweet little book is beautifully illustrated and tells a story about little Mary, whose father is a sea captain.

Each time he returns from his travels abroad, he brings Mary a doll from a different country.

Mary has six dolls, but wants one for each day of the week. She decides to visit a toymaker and asks him to make her a seventh doll. The toymaker tells her she must leave her six dolls with him for a week while he works on her special doll.

When she returns, the toymaker surprises her with a doll that looks just like herself.

One of the reasons why I purchased the book was because of this precious China doll illustration.

I loved the graphic so much that I used it in making this chocolate Valentine box.

While growing up, I also had a special collection of dolls from around the world. They were given to me by my grandparents, as well as a family friend who owned a travel agency.

This doll collection is now in Emma's bedroom where it joins a few more special dolls acquired from my husband's trip to Russia and our trip to China.

Don't forgot to visit Corey Moortgat's blog for more great vintage books and illustrations.

Happy Friday!
Happy Playing!
Have a thrifty crafty weekend!


vivian said...

what a sweet little story book. I LOVE the valentine you made with the china doll illustration. sooo adorable! Ive got to get busy on some valentines this weekend too.
Happy Friday Kim. Ive got nothing really planned.. those are the best kind of weekends!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Oh I love dolls from around the world, your storybook and all of the photos you have shared. When I was 6 in Brownies (it's the smaller version of Girl Guides), I made a scrapbook / project on dolls in international dress - I still recall how much I loved that subject. Your Matroyshka pencils are adorable, when we were in Russia I wanted to buy everyone I saw, I still never tire of them.

Jodi said...

what a beautiful book and how fun to be able to pass down these treasured dolls and memories to your daughters!

Pam Kessler said...

Every time you post for this linky party I think "I've seen that book, wonder if I have it". So I go digging around in my book stash and nope, I do not have it. Very cute graphics.

My Vintage Mending said...

So incredibly cute. I imagine the both of us in a store calling each others name constantly. Look at this...Kim.
Look at this...So much fun.

Have a great weekend.


Lee said...

Wonderful book-I love dolls! Do you have any Storybook dolls? They are so sweet.
So glad you were able to shop while in TC....I am missing visiting my favorite haunts there.
Hope you get home today before the storm hits!
Have a great weekend!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

AAAahhhh....the Surprise doll! What a sweet little book! I'm going to visit everyone that links today but I had a little 'different' post so I won't join in this week! Hugs! ♥♥♥

Cheryl G. said...

That is a very sweet book.
I can see why you got that book with that sweet China doll.
And then you turn it into the most adorable valentines day box!

Corey said...

Oh yes, I've heard of this book before (can't remember where), but it's always interested me, because I collected those style dolls as a girl. And love what you did with the China one! That drink umbrella was perfect!

Nellie said...

Love the book! Now I'm going to have to start looking for books when I browse through antique stores!

Cindy said...

What a beautiful book! (And I wondered where you found the graphic for the V-day box. It is so beautiful! Tori wanted it in her room, so I guess I will have to make some for me.

I love sharing all my favorite Golden Books and Weekly Reader books with Tori and JJ when he was smaller. My mom kept all my books and most of my toys, so I am so thankful that she did that for us. I can't wait to share the Little House series with her. Those were some well-worn and loved books at the time. I still buy anything I can get my hands on that feature Laura Ingalls Wilder and the series.

Now see what delightful memories you have stirred...You are a great one for that! : )

Have a happy weekend...We are going to be partying most of ours, and I can't wait!


Betsy said...

Hi Kim,

This books is just so cute! I've never seen it before. I also enjoyed seeing your doll collection--lots of good memories, I'm sure!


Dorinda Selke said...

Hi Kim - I'm one of your newest followers. You just brought me back to my childhood...I had this book as a child and it was one of my favorites!! What a wonderful surprise !! Hugs, Dorinda

Anonymous said...

The pictures are absolutely darling. Love that you connect to the book through your adoption and your past collecting dolls from around the world. Thanks for sharing at Corey's party. Hugs ~ Mary

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

All so beautiful!! Love the dolls from China!


Joleen said...

I can't tell you how excited I am to have happened upon your blog! I had a book when I was a little girl, it was my favorite, and I have always wanted to find it. However, I was so young, I did not remember the title, but remember the pictures vividly, and I knew that it was about dolls from around the world. Well, I did a google search, happened upon your blog, and I FOUND the book!! The Surprise Doll!! Now I just need to find a copy of it for myself!