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September 10, 2009

Meet my fine feathered friends!

(click on collage to enlarge)

This is Otto the Owl
And Theodore the Black Crow
And Sir Henry the Black Cat
And Cuthbert the Owl
And Madeline the Owl
And Winston the Black Crow
And Hugo the Owl

Emma and I have had fun thinking up bird names.

During the labor day weekend, I decided that my Halloween birds needed a little makeover for our upcoming party. I think their hats make them look rather festive now. I just added crepe paper ruffles, trim and other embellishments to their miniature hats. If anyone is interested in creating their own Halloween birds, Hobby Lobby has miniature witch hats with their Halloween supplies. Michael's Crafts has a great assortment of black birds and owls with their Halloween supplies.

Eventually, these birds are going to end up in our Halloween tree. A tradition every year for the last seven years, has been to bring a dead tree from our woods into the house and decorate it for the Halloween party. The dead tree is actually quite festive once it's all done and many of our Halloween guests pose for their Halloween pictures in front of the tree.

We fill it with lights, garland, bats, birds, ghosts, pumpkins, mini skeletons and paper lanterns. Josie got right into the mix of decorating the tree last year and I've captured some of the decorating festivities in the movie below.

With the lights on

With the lights off

Have a super weekend and happy crafting!!


Shanna said...

How have I missed so many wonderful posts??!!
LOVIN' your fancy feathered friends...and how cute are they all decked out and ready for a party?!
Hope Josie finds her school routine better for next week. My kiddos have also had a tough time knowing when to sleep :(
BTW~ we made your famous oven pretzels last night. they were such a hit!!

Karin said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! You should write your own how-to book.

Mike and Barb said...

You are just so dedicated :-))
Can't wait to see this year's tree - I think your tree is my favorite!
Love, Barb

Sarah said...

I wish I had the halloween spirit this year....:-(. I havent even thought a minute about it!