September 17, 2009

Needing to find my happy place...

I've been burning the candles at both ends (working late nights and weekends at the University) and it's finally caught up with me. I've been witchy, cranky, resentful, and downright unhappy. My girls haven't seen me much (I've been getting home after J's in bed because of night classes) and I'm ready to just have a break from teaching students and faculty new software. Saturday morning is my last weekend work obligation and I can't wait. I'm ready to pull out the crafting supplies and have some quality time with my girls. I need to find my happy place again.

Here is a craft project that I did with the girls over Labor Day weekend. This pumpkin collage is easy enough for a toddler to do too.

(click collage to enlarge)

Orange construction paper
Black construction paper
Brown construction paper
Paper plates
Glue and brush for spreading glue

1. Rip up various sizes of orange, brown and black construction paper. E received a paper cutter from my mom and she was more than eager to test it out, so we didn't tear our paper. She cut up the brown and orange construction into square shapes. With scissors, we cut out eye, nose and mouth shapes with the black construction paper.

2. Cut a pumpkin shape out of a paper plate. Be sure to leave room for a stem.

3. E applied glue dots onto her paper plate, but I gave J a brush and she spread her glue around on her paper plate. She doesn't quite understand how to apply just a LITTLE bit of glue but loved using a brush for her glue.

4. Cover your paper plate with orange construction paper pieces. Cover the stem with brown construction paper and use your black construction paper to form the eyes, nose and mouth.

It's a quick craft. Super easy and both girls had fun. I can't wait to do more of those types of crafts Saturday afternoon when I'm back home from work.

Here's a sneak peek at my bedroom corner make-over for Halloween.

I found the storybook doll last month at Allegan Antiques and gave her a witch makeover with an orange sash, a miniature hat and a black scarf.

I want to get my hands on some more of those storybook dolls.

There was a vendor selling very used storybook dolls and I should have bought up his entire stash. You can bet I'll be running to his both next Sunday.

The Halloween party hats and decorated black cat and black crows are my creations. You can find my instructions for the party hats on this post. Instructions for embellishing your Halloween birds, can be found in this post. I'll be showing how to make that black feather wreath in a future post.

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!!

PS. Continue to keep Mia in your thoughts and prayers. This little one has been through so much with her various heart operations.


Shanna said...

I'm sorry you've had to work so much lately. I know you are looking forward to a more relaxed work schedule. Hopefully, you can make time Saturday night and Sunday to indulge in your favorite hobby! Your storybook doll is beautiful!
BTW~ I have tought of you a hundred times since we have been here. The Halloween decorations are really starting to come out here at Disney World!

Adeye said...

Hi Kim,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Thanks for the sweet note of encouragement. We appreciate it so much.

Your children are absolutely beautiful. Our first adopted daughter is from Jiangxi. We adopted her in 2006.

Love and hugs

Karin said...

What a drag that you have had to work so much. Glad you are getting a break soon!!

Courtney said...

I hope things slow down a for you soon. I love the Halloween decorations!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm so sorry that life has been so stressful lately. Hugs to you. And... why am I NOT surprised to see all that Halloween stuff showing up at your place? Heh. Enjoy your favorite holiday.