September 30, 2010

Celebrating the Arts!!

Have you heard of ArtPrize? Picture over 1,200 art exhibits spread throughout Grand Rapids for nearly three weeks. Artists from all over the world, literally take over the city (indoors and outdoors) and visitors can explore and cast their public vote for the $250,000 1st place prize. The energy around this event is amazing. We walked around the city way past the girls school bedtimes enjoying all the artwork.

While we're celebrating the Arts, Emma came home with fantastic news today.

I'm proud to announce that Emma completed her chair test for band this week and placed 2nd chair. There are 15 students that play flute in her band period. Pretty impressive.

Congratulations, Emma. We're so happy for you.

I especially love seeing my flute being used again!!

By the way, it's nearly Friday! I hope you have a relaxing weekend and get a chance to do something that you love!

You know me, I'll be sneaking some Halloween crafting in between loads of laundry.


Courtney said...

Congrats to Emma. What a cool event to visit. I can't wait to see what you create in your craft room.

PandaMom said...

That sounds like one of the most amazing things ever!! I would LOVE to go strolling through the city looking at art!
YAY!!!!!!....for October 1st! ; )

LOVE all your fun decorations and that darling haircut is STILL adorable on YOU! ; )

Lee said...

We have driven past many of the Artprize entries and hope to park the car and walk around before it is over. Love the pig!
Leaving this afternoon for Ghoultide gathering~hope to take many pictures (if allowed).
Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Congrats to Emma!

Kim said...

LOve the photos..
Looks like a great time..
Love the wooden tea set..
And the flute is my favorite... played it for 10 years in school..
have a great weekend..