September 29, 2010

It’s Spooktacular!!

Last Saturday, I spent most of the day unpacking these crates.

Keep in mind that the above picture is only a portion of our Halloween crates. We have about another 10 crates in the garage that haven't been touched yet. Chris is the master decorator of the the outdoors, while I focus on the indoor decorations. This is a picture taken last year of our garage.

Our Halloween is like most people's Christmas. We've also been married 18 years and have held a Halloween party every single year. Most of our decorations have been purchased as after-season sales when they are marked down 75%. Without further adieu, here are a few closet up shots of this year's living room fireplace mantle. The items on my fireplace mantle tend to be my more expensive collections - dated nut crackers, special ornaments and glass candle holders.

As I look at these pictures, I can see that I need to get something on the wall behind the mantle. I have a large spider web that I'm tempted to fill with vintage postcards and Halloween pics. Decorating for Halloween takes weeks and I love it. Heck, my house is always a work in progress this time of the year!!

A future post will show off the bedroom fireplace mantle and sunroom shelves. Stay tuned!

Happy soon-to-be October!


Jodee said...

Holy cats, girlfriend! You DO go ALL out! Your mantle turned out fabulous! I can't wait to see more!

Jodee said...

P.S. Did you see this post:

Lee said...

Wow, Kim! I wish I could get my husband interested in helping me with Halloween. I should just be happy that he enjoys how I transform the house-and puts up with the mess until I finish.
Love the picture of you with the book and your mantle looks terrific!
Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

You are AMAZING..
Love it..
can't wait ..
I soo wish I lived near you ..
Have a great week..