June 7, 2010

Pinwheel & Balloon Garland

My blogging friend, Jodee showed me a link to Martha Stewart's balloon garland and knew it would be perfect for Josie's upcoming rainbow party. I used wire garland from Dollar tree and miniature clothes pins to attach my balloons. I then took it one step further and created paper pinwheels to add to my balloon garland.

Instructions for making pinwheels can be found all over the web. I used enchanted learning to make mine. I also used scrapbooking paper that was already in square shapes instead of 8 x 11 construction paper.

1. You need to start with a square piece of paper (if you use 8 x 11 paper, be sure to trim the end to make it a square shape) and fold in half to create a triangle. Fold in half again.

2. Unfold the paper.

3. Make four cuts along the fold lines - about halfway to the center.

4. Punch four holes with a hole punch in the pinwheel, one at each corner.

5. Gently gather each of the four points (with a hole) to the center.

(Be careful not to crease the paper.)

6. Push a bracket through the four punched holes through the center of the pinwheel to attach the pinwheel.

I used the free rainbow graphics from Paper Glitter to further embellish the center 0f my pinwheels.

I then hot-glued Christmas hooks to the back of my pinwheels so that I could hang them from the dining room light and our balloon garland.

I had so much fun making these festive pinwheels, that after Josie's birthday party I think I might hang them in her bedroom. Happy Crafting!


Jodee said...

That turned out soooo cute and it will be the perfect addition to your party! I can't wait to whip up my pink and zebra garland!

Party on!

P.S. I love the pinwheels too!

Jodi said...

Sooo cute! And I love that you decorate the whole week before the party! How festive for everyone!

Thanks for the shout out on the dresses - Josie is adorable!

Cindy said...

Wow! What a cute garland! I am sure Josie will love it in her room, too.

We are back from the beach. The Internet was totally inaccessable for the rest of the week. So, I am in the process of downloading and going through the hundreds of pics to do one big post. I hope to get it completed while the kids are at Bible school tonight.

I can't wait until you get a break and are able to enjoy your time at the cottage.

Rainbow hugs,

Courtney said...

The garland is super cute. I love your new summer blog header and background.

PandaMom said...

Those are so darn cute!!! ; )

Kim said...

WOW.. those are darling. great job.. I am truly jealous of all the great things you make up..
have a great week..

Pam Kessler said...

Those are so cute. I can see why she keeps them up to this day!