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January 4, 2011

Bring a snowman family indoors!

Is your house feeling a little empty after all the Christmas decorations have been packed away? I'm "almost" ready to start decorating for Chinese New Year and the ideas are flowing for Valentine's Day projects, but when I came across this idea on Dollar Store Crafts, I knew I had to make a snowman family.

  • A pair of gloves (or more if you have more than 10 family members), Dollar Tree sells them bundled in 2 pairs for $1
  • 1 frame large enough to hold the completed family (larger family = larger frame)
  • 1 sheet of winter scrapbooking paper, or winter wrapping paper
  • white felt, measuring a little more than half the size of the frame
  • orange felt for the nose
  • mini black pom-poms (or substitute beads, buttons, etc)
  • assorted ribbons, trims, scraps and other tiny embellishments
  • blush
  • scissors and glue

1. Take your frame a part and measure enough scrapbooking paper to cover the opening of the photo matting.

2. Cut white felt into two wavy strips.

3. Cut the finger tips off the white gloves to form the snowmen. Glue snowmen to the the scrapbooking paper and layer the white felt strips over top of the snowmen.

4. Embellish the snowmen with beads, pom poms, trim and blush.


I also added a bit of glitter for some added dimension.

5. Assemble the frame and stand back and admire your work.

Happy Crafting!


Jodi said...


Jodee said...

That turned out soooo cute! I love snowman!

I decided to skip the "bare" stage between Christmas and V-Day this year. I took the Christmas decorations down and immediately put the V-Day decorations up. I love having them up early!

Courtney said...

This is so cute. Have a great week.

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Oh I really, really like this :0) I bet it would be fun for Turkeys around Thanskgiving too!

Lee said...

You are so good about dreaming and DOING! I seem to just dream...
This is just adorable!
Thanks for sharing!

Life in Rehab said...

That's insanely cute! It turned out very professional looking.

Nik's Knacks said...

THAT is adorable!! and cheap. 2 of my favorite things!! I'm going to the Dollar Tree NOW!

Donna said...

What a cute idea! And great tutorial! This would be a great way to use a glove that lost its mate:) Can't beat the Dollar Tree!

Kim said...

You are tooo much..
you are sooo creative it is UNREAL..
Love ya..

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

super cute!

Thank you, for your message! Our agency does not do SN. but, at this point our age is against us.


Heather - said...

They turned out so cute! :)