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October 20, 2011

Halloween treats...

Before I get started with more Halloween happenings, I have to share a Luna update. Just look at how big she's getting!! We've been referring to Luna as Penny's personal trainer. She's constantly chasing Penny around the house. She's also quickly learned how to follow the sunshine throughout our house during nap time.

Now onto Halloween treat ideas...

Family Fun magazine is one of our favorite publications for kid-friendly crafts and recipes. At a recent trip to Target, I noticed they have their Halloween treats recipe book in their $1 bin. I hope they do something similar for Christmas too.

Family Fun also has all kinds of fabulous Halloween recipe ideas on their website which can be found here. Just in case you're throwing your own kid-friendly party and need some recipe ideas, I've included a few of our favorites. Just click on the picture to be taken to a former blog post.

Batty Pumpkin Pie

Harry Potter Punch

Worm Punch

Mummy Hotdogs

Monster Fingers

Ghost Cookies

Monster Munchies

Payday Mix
Monster/Alien Cupcakes

Harry Potter Wizard Hats

Broom Treat bags

Spider Cupcakes

Happy Cooking!

Happy Halloween!


LBP said...

What cute Halloween treats!!! I am impressed with how many of them you have made. I am now craving pumpkin pie at 8:00 a.m.!!!



Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Mmmmmmm!! I forgot about some of these goodies you've made :) You're always looking for something new and fun for the girls and I LOVE that about you guys. Plus Im on a diet so Im living vicariously through all this eye candy!

Cheryl G. said...

That Luna is adorable!
Amazing treats! I may actually have to try at least one of those!
Now, which one!
That picture with your girls with the cupcakes is priceless!

Lynn said...

wow, those halloween treats look amazing!! I love the witch jar holding the cookie cutters. Did you make it or where did you buy it?? I love it and have never seen anything like it around our area!

Heather said...

Luna has grown, and she is so darn cute! I used to subscribe to Family Fun when the kids were little. It's a great magazine because it's filled with so many easy and creative ideas. Every now and then I sneak a peak at it at my library...makes me wish my kids were little again!

My Vintage Mending said...

Luna you sweet kitty. I am sure those girls are having so much fun with you as well as your furry friend. Enjoy every minute of this as you know they grow way too fast. Love all your great goodies I only wish I were close enough to bring Claire over and help eat these...Smiles...Renee

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wow so cute!


Jodee said...

Luna is such a cute kitty!

Love the Halloween treats. We made the Nutter Butter ghosts this week!

Cindy said...

Luna is beautiful. Tori really wants a cat, but I don't see that in our future with two dogs. She has let us know that when she has her own house, she is going to have five cats. These girls are just too funny!

I have enjoyed my copy of the Family Fun. You know that is by far my favorite magazine! We have our neighborhood pumpkin party on Sunday, so I am going to take some of those treats for sure!

Tori and I just love the haunted doll house. She loves those loopsy dolls. They remind me of a mod Raggedy Ann doll. We may have to stop by Target to pick that one up,too.

Can't wait to see more Halloween fun at the Kenwards!

Halloween hugs,

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so blessed to have such creative parents!! Thank you for sharing
! love your ideas!! MSNJ