August 7, 2008

Josie's first day at daycare

Josie attended daycare for a few hours this morning without Mommy, Daddy or big sister staying with her. Although she was a bit sad during transitional activities, she did very well overall. Josie will have a few more practice sessions before her regular schedule kicks-in the end of August.

Next Monday, Josie attends her cardiologist for a follow-up appointment. We're looking forward to a clean bill of health. She's doing so well and we're hopeful that her ultrasound and EKG look fine.


Shanna said...

Oh, thank goodness it went well! It will only get easier each time she goes. You are so smart to transition her slowly. Great job Kim!
Little Josie looks so cute in polka dots! I bet all of the daycare workers went crazy over her!! Who wouldn't?

Nicole said...

Yay Josie!!!!!! My prayers are with you all as you go for her EKG and ultrasound...


Caroline said...

Good work, Josie! I am sure she charmed everyone, and will come to love her social time with others sweeties her age. Caroline

Mike and Barb said...

Yay for Josie and Kim :-)))
Looks like they have lots of fun activities there! I'm glad you can ease her into it, so she'll learn that you ARE coming back. Every day. Forever ;-))
Love, Barb

Nik's Knacks said...

Yay! So glad Josie did well.
It'll be a little easier each time and she'll be an old pro in no time!

The Young's said...

I am SOOOOO glad it went well!!! She will begin to love it and all the fun stuff she gets to do!!!!

We are praying for the cardiologist appt.!!! Keep us posted! When do you guys go back to school?

Sophie is enjoying the first 3 days so far! WHEW!!! Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend. By the way, Josie looks beautiful in that Navy Blue!!! :)
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family!

Thank you for the recommendation of the Silent Tears book, I am going to order now.

Have a wonderful weekend,