August 21, 2008

Major Kudos

How many husbands would take their 10 year old daughter back-to-school shopping...ALONE? My hubby did and gets MAJOR kudos for taking on this amazing feat. Not only did he do ALL the clothes shopping, he also did the lunchbox acquisition, the knapsack purchase and checked off the school supplies list. Since returning to full-time work, my life has gotten much more complicated. This balancing act is definitely tipping towards insanity right now. I can't wait until it's October and everyone is used to their work and school routine. Chris returns to his school schedule with meetings next week and his full-time schedule after labor day. I'm going to miss his Mr. Mom status.

In other news, Josie didn't cry all day at daycare yesterday. She was tearful, but it didn't last the entire time. However, she didn't nap and she didn't eat lunch or snacks, so she was starving at dinner last night. She actually slept ALL night long (a first in weeks) because she was so tired. Maybe daycare will be a good thing afterall :)

Have a great weekend.


Steffie B. said...

have a great weekend....woo-hoo to the hubs....I know David could not even come close to handling Emmie! lol

Shanna said...

Mr. Mom deserves a huge pat on the back. Way to go dad!
I know that you are thrilled with Josie doing so well with a full day at daycare. Heck, I am thrilled for you!!!!!
Have a great weekend!

The Young's said...

OH...way to go Chris...that's awesome. Way to go mom too...because I don't think I would trust all that my hubby picked out!!! :) (hee hee) anyway...that's awesome too that Josie slept all night...maybe daycare really will help out with sleeping. That is awesome!!

You are doing SO GOOD at keeping up your blog. I have SO got to post again. We are crazy busy right now...and I just haven't had the time or pics to sit down and do it. Hopefully I can soon!!! Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!
Love ya,

Nik's Knacks said...

What a man. Just the thought of doing ONE of those things would make Jeff fall into a complete flop sweat :)
So glad to hear about Josie's good day---and night. Exhaustion is a good thing sometimes, no?

Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

Can your husband talk to mine? Aweesome progress on the school and sleep front, its weird what can get progress in motion! Angela

Caroline said...

Great job Chris! What a gem! I bet Emma helped him with the style selection

Mike and Barb said...

Wow, I'm super impressed!!! You guys seem to be a great team!
Hopefully things will continue to improve at daycare!
Love, Barb

Steffie B. said...

hello???????it's Sunday morning.....I need an update please! lol

Kay Bratt said...

Kudos to Chris!

My husband would do it, too, but the problem is he doesn't know how to say "NO". With an 8th grader, you can rack up some serious debt on shoes, clothes, or whatever. I have to be the "guardian of common sense" when we are walking through the malls! The "daddy's little girl" label really fits at our house. He even let her drive his truck yesterday! It was only a few feet, but I was about to have a heart attack. Daddy just cannot say no-- something funny I'll share...yesterday when he got home, I told him "Honey, there is a boy at school that thinks he is in love with our daughter.He wrote her a love note."

Ben got pale and held onto the kitchen counter. He then mumbled, "I'll kill him."

It was hilarious. Tell Chris his day is coming!