August 12, 2008

Popsicle, anyone?

Before we jump into popsicles, I have to ask my blogging support group to think positive thoughts and float a few prayers in our direction regarding Josie and daycare. She's decided that she doesn't really enjoy daycare. The previous session last week at daycare was too good to be true. This week, she knew what was up the moment Chris pulled into the daycare parking lot. We then paid for her unhappiness with fitful sleep and the return of night terrors. She will continue to have a few more practice sessions until the real-deal starts up the end of August.

Now onto the fun stuff...

One of Josie's first English words when we came home from China was "popsicle". She must ask for a popsicle at least ten times a day. That child would even eat a popsicle for breakfast if we let her (which we don't).

Her favorite popsicles are the ones that come inside a plastic sleeve, but she doesn't like to hold the sleeve unless it has a wash cloth around it. I'm not sure who started this habit...Daddy...but it's pretty darn funny.

By the way, prior to her open-heart surgery, her lips often turned blue due to oxygen issues. She recently had a blue popsicle (Mommy was at work at the time) and when I came home, I freaked out thinking she was having a heart problem. Whew. Gotta love that blue dye.

Have a good weekend, everyone. You might even enjoy a popsicle or two.


Anonymous said...

Josie's nightmares don't have to discourage you. Josie still needs time to understand that will not loose all of you.
Our prayers will be always with her

Shanna said...

Poor Josie. With all changes, good or bad, night terrors do seem to follow. With time, consistancy, and prayer, she should be fine.
Perhaps a popsicle and daycare would help? heh. Prayers sent your way.
Big hugs~

Nicole said...

Too funny! Katelyn is just now starting to enjoy cold foods like ice cream and popsicles. Sorry about the daycare stuff... I wish I had some advice for you, but instead I'll just say some prayers.

Happy Weekend!!!

Nik's Knacks said...

Ahhh...the honeymoon period, huh?
I guess she thought that daycare was pretty OK for fun, but now that it's become a reality, she's gonna need some time to adjust. Kinda like the whole first day of school is super fun but when you realize you have to go EVERY day for months, it kind of freaks you out!
But, you know consistency is good and Josie will get used to it. But UGH! how discouraging.

Definitely sending prayers your way!

The blue popsicle lips are too funny!

(and yet another new blog design? seriously. you're making it hard on the rest of us) :)

The Young's said...

I LOVE popcicles too!! Especially in this hot weather!!!

We are praying for you guys as this daycare thing is still very difficult for Josie. Keep us posted on her progress. I believe it will get better!!

LOVE the pics of the girls through the months. Canyou believe it's already been 5 months?!?! Almost half of a year?!?! UNBELIEVEABLE. Time flies!! Thanks for continuing to keep us posted!! Have a great week!