August 9, 2008


Over this past week (especially since reading Silent Tears) I have found my mind wandering back to Josie’s orphanage and Josie’s birth mother. I’ve recently made contact with our guide in China and asked her to tell the orphanage nannies that Josie has undergone her open-heart surgery and is now healthy. Our guide reassured me that she did make contact and they were pleased to know this information. I want to believe it matters to them, but I don’t know. More than anything, I felt like I needed closure on that part of Josie’s life.

We will never have contact with Josie’s birth mother, but I wish I could tell her so many things. I want to tell her that her child is alive and her child is deeply loved by so many people. She is now healthy and strong and smart and beautiful. She’s more than anyone could ever want and our family is now complete.


Jill said...

Josie is a cutie pie!! So glad to see things are going well! We check in from time to time, and say a prayer for you guys!

Mark, Jill & Lucy (traveled with the Debono's)

Kay Bratt said...


I can't imagine-- because I am not an adoptive mom, the questions that swirl through your head about Josie and her life before you. It may always be a mystery but just know that all the happiness you give her will make every possible hurtful memory a little less painful. Love doesn't solve everything, I know this-but I have seen the difference it can make.


Nicole said...

I'm with you... so many things to say to someone you won't ever know. It is a bit comforting to know that at least our girls will have each other as they grow up... it may be a small link, but it's still a link to their past.


The Young's said...

I so feel this way too...and wonder if they wonder how Sadie is. You never know...God may connect us one day!!! Gotta run. Thanks for this post! It is very precious and heart felt!!!
Love ya,

Gwen Oatsvall said...

i have to get this book ... i am hearing about it everywhere now ... i have thought a lot today about Maggie's birth mother ... oh how i wish i could just tell her she is ok, loved, cherished, adored, safe, and forever part of a family ...

Anonymous said...

Your love for Josie is amazing Kim!


Mike and Barb said...

That picture of you and Josie is beautiful, Kim!
I'm so glad your hearts desire has been given to you!
Love, Barb