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December 3, 2009

Chinese-themed Christmas Tree

This is an update since I posted late last night...just check out the snow accumulations!!

We finished decorating our mammoth Christmas tree in the living room Thursday evening. This weekend, I hope to tackle our Chinese-themed tree in our sunroom.

Two of my favorite ornaments on our Chinese-themed tree, are the set of little girls that Emma and I made together in 2008. I featured them last year on my blog and want to recycle this craft project for my new followers.

For the little girl ornaments, you'll need plain white Christmas ornaments, small brushes for painting, acrylic paint (black and brown), small decorative buttons, bows and a hot glue gun.

Step 1. Using a paint brush and the black acrylic paint, paint from the top of the ornament around the sides of the ornament to shape bangs and a bobbed style haircut.

Step 2. Allow the ornament to dry. I usually allow for at least 30 minutes for dry time.

Step 3. Take a satin hair bow and using the hot glue gun, glue the bow along the top of the ornament. Hot glue a decorative button in the center of the bow.

Step 4. Using a very small paint brush, paint eyes and mouth.

You can use any color paint to fashion different styles of little girls. We have a brown haired little girl to represent Emma and a black haired little girl to represent Josie. Emma actually helped me paint these little girls. She can't use the hot glue gun, but she really does a very good job with painting the hair and the faces.

If any of you have Chinese themed trees, I'd love to know what special ornaments you have on your tree. I'm always looking for new ideas. Happy crafting!!


Shanna said...

LOVE your tree! and how perfect that the snow is coming down. My China girl ornament is one of my favorites too.
I have my Chinese themed ornaments packed away in a very special place... where I can't find them!!! Good grief, this whole moving thing has done a number on my Christmas decor.. not to mention the much smaller space. I haven't any place for a second tree. I hope to transform my Christmas tree into a CNY tree... if I can find my beloved ornaments.

Jill said...

You are so creative Kim! I admire so many things about you!
LOVE the tree! I wish we had the room to do something like this for Lucy!
LOVE the new look on the blog too! Let me guess, you found time to do that too! LOL!
Hugs, Jill

Kathy said...

Love the trees, you are so talented.
Pier 1 has some really cute Chinese ornaments this year. They are Chinese girls in their dress clothes. Not cheap at 10.95 a piece but worth buying a couple. We had the choice of 4 different ones here in TX.

PandaMom said...

I swear you are a super-woman!!! Your creativity and spirit just SHINE through this blog!!!! I want to live at your house and do all those fun crafts, too! ; ) Have a great weekend in the snow! I'm sure y'all could hardly call what we had two days ago as "snow". LOL! To you guys our snow is like rain probably!! I'm sure we'll be back in shorts by Monday because that is just how crazy Texas weather is!!

Cindy said...

I am glad you re-posted the China girl ornaments for those new to your blog. I did several last year for Tori's grandmas and her preschool teachers. They loved them! This year I plan to make more for other friends and family.

I bought several Asian-inspired ornaments from Pier 1 last year after Christmas. And I plan to scope them out this year, too. I just love a bargain, especially on expensive Christmas decor.

Have a happy crafting weekend. . .Chris is watching the kids on Saturday so that I can go scrapbook at my favorite haunt. Yippee!!!
Thanks for the tip on making my our new blog beautiful, too. I will be making the change soon!

Nik's Knacks said...

The ONLY time I love to look at snow. It missed us though, just got rain. I'm sure we'll have our chance in March!!
I just love those ornaments. I openend my ornament box this year and there was the one you made me, smiling up at me!
I cannot believe Christmas is almost here.....AHHH!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

what a beautiful tree sister ... i just had to pop over and say thank you for being faithful in prayer for Maggie ... when I see your name in my comments I get a flutter in my heart because I know you understand my fear, my pain, and my peace all at the same time ... love ya !!!

Karin said...

Your tree is gorgeous!!! I love it! (I knew I should have talked my hubby into buying that hat in GZ--you know, the one at the top of your tree!!)

I think we will try your ornaments. They are SO cute. What hairstyle should we do for a little boy? :)

Kim said...

LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE the Asian tree..
I will have to think about one of those when Isabella gets here.. I want to get some ornaments over in China..
Love how you are always making the neatest craft ideas..

Melinda said...

What a beautiful tree! You are so crafty Kim! I have the Chinese girls ornaments on our tree that look exactly like yours except they are smaller and I bought them. I might have to try to actually make a few more because it really does look fairly easy and it would be fun to try with Mia and the boys! Thanks for sharing! Keep the ideas coming!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

I love the new Christmas look of the blog, and how cool that you have a Christmas Blessings Countdown jar. I was hoping to make a chain this weekend, because Ellie keeps asking how many days until Christmas.
Now, I'm inspired....I have to go look for some scrapbooking paper, too, because your chain is also beautiful......
Wow, I was going to have a slow I have to get busy!
Good news about your MIL, praying for more recovery.....

a Tonggu Momma said...

I especially love the red envelope ornaments and the tiger hat as the tree topper. *grin* I actually cried this year when my Santa flying along the Great Wall ornament broke.

In China, most people decorate their trees with lots of paper-cut ornaments, probably because it's a popular craft and possibly because Christmas ornaments are kind of hard to come by there, for obvious reasons.