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December 10, 2009

Holiday Apron & Fun Cupcake Ornaments

Time to break out those cookie cutters and your favorite holiday apron! Speaking of aprons, check out this little cutie!!

As much as I love to craft, I don’t sew. But one of my very favorite faculty members at my university has a daughter who is a very talented seamstress. If you'd like one of your very own, I've included an email link here. Be sure to put apron in the subject line.

While trolling through one of my favorite crafting blogs, I spotted a vintage ice cream cone ornament and inspiration struck to make a cupcake ornaments. Josie and Emma were able to help me with 2/3 of this project.

Supplies Needed:

Styrofoam balls
Cupcake liners
Glitter (I used white snowflake glitter)
Artificial floral berries
Twine or ribbon
White craft glue
Foam or paint brush
Hot glue gun
Wooden Skewers for handling glue covered foam balls

Step 1. Stick your Styrofoam ball into a wooden skewer and use a foam brush to coat the upper 2/3 of your ball with glue.

Step 2. Pour your snowflake glitter into a plastic bag and toss your glue-covered ball around the glitter.

Step 4. Place glittered covered balls in a drinking glass and let dry.

Step 5. Put a drop of hot glue in the center of your cupcake, cut a small ribbon, make a loop and press into glue. Press your floral berry (which is the cherry) in the center of your ribbon.

Step 6. Let your Styrofoam ball dry. When dry remove the skewer.

Step 7. Using a hotglue gun, place a few drops of glue around the cupcake liner and press your foam ball in place. Be careful, I found that the foil liner got REALLY SUPER hot quickly.

I decided to hang our cupcake ornaments on a miniature tree that I keep near my kitchen. If you closely at the picture, you'll see that I've tied my favorite cookie cutters onto this tree with tulle ribbon.

I also think these cupcakes ornaments would look cute tied onto packages of homemade Christmas treats. Now isn't this fun? Happy crafting!!


Kim said...

Like always..
Have a great weekend..

Courtney said...

These are so cute. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday!

Shanna said...

Now that is SUPER CUTE! The apron
AND the ornament! You are right, the girls would really love this craft! I am thinking this will be a fun Friday night project.

Karin said...

Those are adorable! If I get my act together, I might let my girls make some. They would LOVE doing that. :) Thank you for your great ideas!!!

Nik's Knacks said...

Very, very cute idea!
Love the whole treat-themed tree.

I broke out my Christmas apron yesterday and baked some cookies. Got my apron at a thrift shop---looks like it's from the '60s, maybe '70s.
I hate wearing my jeans with it, it deserves a skirt and petticoat :)

Happy Friday!

thatgirlblogs said...

you're so good to let them help. I'm a control freak!

redmaryjanes said...

Sophia hung your ornaments on the tree this year. They will always be a special part of her collection. Thank you for making them for her. LOVE how cute your house is for ALL of the holidays!

Angela said...

Love the cup cake ornaments! Which reminds me, I meant to mention to you. I went to a Halloween party with the boys and there was a little sister there with a "cherry" on her head which I mistook for an 'apple' thinking her "peter pan" brother was an archer. Really it was a cherry and she took off the rest of the cupcake top earlier, but now I have an idea for the boys for next year.

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Always looks like such fun at the Kenward house! Our mantle has the same manger scene that we've had for years.

No crafting here this weekend. I took the girls to see The Princess and the Frog, then went back to the theatre a couple of hours later to see The Blind Side. That may become my all time favorite!