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July 12, 2010

We have alligators in our hotel!!

Josie is still a busy butt on the plane, but after getting to the hotel, it was worth every minute of the stress.

We actually have alligators in our hotel atrium. It was dark when I took these pictures.

We dined on this boat for dinner.
Note the name of the conference on the boat mast.

During dinner, the girls received balloon animals.

Emma selected a turtle and Josie chose a ladybug.

Chris and I dined on a variety of seafood appetizers.

Tomorrow we're heading to Harry Potter World.

My conference starts tomorrow evening and the girls are anxious to hit this pool.

Stay tuned for more pictures!!


Kim said...

What an AMAZING hotel ..
Looks like so far you are having a great time..
love ya..
Have fun..sorry didn't mean to say that.. like you aren't going to have fun.. DUH..

Shanna said...

Seriously, that is uber awesome! I can't wait to hear about HP world. I imagine Chris can hardly contain himself! Must. See. Pictures!!

Karin said...

Oh wow!! That is an amazing place! So cool that the whole family could go. :)

Courtney said...

What a great hotel. Enjoy your trip.

Cindy said...

you are so lucky, the hotel looks absolutely gorgeous. have a great time.

Mike and Barb said...

Looks incredible!!!
Love, Barb

PandaMom said...

FABULOUS FUN!!!!! PandaPop and I can't wait to go!!!!