January 16, 2009

Bedroom Paint & Chinese Firecrackers

In bedroom makeover news, we have picked out paint for the girls bedroom. It's called apple green. The goal this weekend is to strip everything off the walls, fill holes and sand. Who knows, we might even be able to get a coat of paint on the walls. Emma desperately wants their room done RIGHT NOW!! Their new beds aren't scheduled to arrive for a few more weeks so stay tuned for more bedroom updates.

As a follow-up to the car air freshener post, we sprinkled a very light dusting of baby powder on Josie's stinky hand tonight. It helped slightly. Let's just say, I'm so ready for Monday and her cast-off party.

Now, to the craft...

A common decoration during Chinese New Year is a string of red firecrackers. The firecrackers are set off to keep away the man-eating monster Nian and to welcome in the New Year.

Here's an easy craft I came across on the Kaboose website for making Chinese Firecrackers using toilet paper rolls and red construction paper.

Supplies needed:

* 4 or more toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes
* Red construction paper, ½ sheet per tube
* Tape
* Gold glitter glue
* White yarn
* Scissors

How to make it:

1. Roll cardboard tube in red construction paper, use tape to secure.
2. Fold ends of construction paper inside the tube on both ends.
3. Decorate tube with gold glitter glue with different shapes and designs. Allow to dry for several hours.
4. Tape yarn inside one end of each tube.
5. String together, one higher than the other if you have four of them. If you have more, you can hang them in pairs, two at the top, two below that, two below that, and so on.
6. Hang up and enjoy!

Happy crafting!


The Young's said...

Once again...another cute, cute, CNY idea!!! LOVE the apple green paint.I can't wait to see the room! Have FUN!!!

Shanna said...

I love green! That will look so great with the new bed coverings. Great choice.
The firecracker craft will look cute hanging from my CNY tree!
This is one that the girls can do without my help too :)

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

You have far more energy that I do friend; painting the girl's rooms, all that crafting. Have fun!

And, I can't wait to read of the cast away party,

Mike and Barb said...

Can I come to your house for chinese new year???
You are so good about celebrating those special days. I need to learn from you!
Yeah, Monday is almost here - wohoo!
You guys have been troopers through this entire time!
Love, Barb

Steffie B. said...

You are truly the craft queen.....and I can't wit to see the girls room! How exciting....and let us know how the cast off party goes! ;)

Nicole said...

One more day... How wonderful it will be to see Josie's arm again!!!

Thanks for all the craft ideas... we're starting to put up decorations now. Katelyn's birthday party will also be our CNY party... should be fun!

Oh, and nice paint chip... I like it!!

Robin Miller said...

I'm counting the hours with you until the cast comes off...not many now!!!!
Can't wait to see pics of her "new hand".....dead skin and all!
Hope you guys had a great weekend.