January 3, 2009

Chinese Dragon Craft

You'll notice that we have a countdown to Josie's cast removal at the top of the blog. I can't wait until we can bath and dress her without worrying about her cast. We've also had to start putting a plastic cup (with holes for ventilation) over her casted hand. The swelling on her hand has gone down and her hand has shifted further down in her cast which is exposing that metal pin more coming out of her new thumb. The doctor's office suggested putting a cup over the end of her hand and then covering the entire thing with a sock. Thank goodness Josie just goes with the flow on this. Let's hope she's equally thrilled about this new contraption when she returns to daycare on Monday. Yippee!!

Nick Jr has some great Chinese New Year crafts on their website. I'm including a link to the Chinese Dragon that Emma and I put together last year in preparation for our own Chinese New Year celebrations. Click here for the dragon and instructions.

This is a really easy craft activity. It requires, white paper for printing, a glue stick or tape, scissors and a green crayon. Emma and I added some glitter glue and a few pom poms to our dragon to embellish him a bit more. We might glue some sequins on him this year because he needs a little more flare.

Detailed instructions for this craft can be found here.

Here's how it looks when it's finished.

Here are a few more pictures of our fireplace mantle with our Chinese New Year decorations.

We've decided to keep up our Chinese tree in our sunroom until after Chinese New Year. It's just too festive to take down and the girls have enjoyed adding more things to the tree each week.

Happy crafting! If you make this lovely dragon, I'd love to see your own version.


Shanna said...

I love that dragon. We did that one last year. Ours didn't turn out a cute as yours, but we will make another this year :)
The counter is a great idea. I think a big celebration will be in order for the cast removal day!!

The Young's said...

Wow...another CUTE craft!!! I've gotta get in the Chinese New Year mode...I'm still reeling from a lack of schedule from the Christmas break! I just now woke up at 10am after a night after midnight! I've GOT to change that!! :)

Anyway...I can't wait for Josie to get her cast off.....She really is being a good trooper!!! How funny to put a cup over the end of it!!! That will DEFINITELY be a memory to remember!!! :) Have a great weekend!!!

Truly Blessed said...

Looks like a fun craft for the girls to do oe day next week.

Glad you're getting closer to "cast off" day!

Special K said...

I love the dragon. I think we'll give that one a try!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

I love seeing your Chinese New Year craft ideas. I think we're going to have a Chinese New Year theme for Ellie's birthday party. I can hardly believe she turns 4 in one month.
I also love the idea of a China Christmas tree that you leave up past Christmas until Chinese New Year is over. I think I'm going to have to do that next year.
Thanks for all the neat ideas!

Robin Miller said...

We are going to have to try the dragon! I'm loving the idea of the cast counter---can't wait to see the pics when she gets it off (and has a new thumb)! The cup is just too funny; what a memory. Thank goodness for decorative socks, huh?
Good luck going back to school tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it, but at least we've had a great break. Now if we could just have some snow around here....

Cindy said...

Kim, you are too crafty. my girls would not be able to sit still long enough to cut the lanterns. Great idea though. are you planning on going to any CNY activities?