January 13, 2009

Tissue Paper Dragon Mask - CNY Craft

Chinese dragons are considered important and powerful creatures. During Chinese New Year’s celebrations, there are dragon dance performances which symbolize the bringing of good luck and prosperity in the year to come for all human beings.

Two years ago when we were preparing for Josie, Emma and I spent one winter Saturday afternoon making tissue paper dragon masks.

This craft activity is a little more time intensive, but the tissue paper gluing technique can be used for other future crafts. In fact, I remember using this tissue paper gluing technique in elementary school to create beautiful Valentine cards.

Supplies needed for this project include:

1. Glue
2. Unsharpened pencils
3. Dragon face printable (see this link)
4. Colored tissue paper
5. Paper and printer for printing your dragon mask
6. Paper plates

Step 1. Go to this website and print off your dragon mask. There are several options of Chinese New Year printables on this website, but we selected the dragon face. You can print it in color or black and white.

Step 2. Trim your dragon mask with scissors and trace the outline of the mask on the paper plate. You could also glue the mask directly onto the paper plate. Emma and I used the outline of the dragon's face to form the basis of our mask, but we didn't follow it exactly. You could get creative and make your own dragon face and use this printable as inspiration only.

Step 3. Cut up your tissue paper into tiny squares (having a paper cutter makes this task go much faster).

Step 4. Take the tissue paper square and wrap it around the center of a unused pencil (or the eraser pencil top). Be sure to wrap the paper around the pencil to form a cup shape.

Step 5. Pour glue onto a paper plate or a plastic lid, dip the bottom of the tissue paper onto glue and place the pencil with the tissue paper onto your dragon mask. Pull the pencil out gently leaving the tissue paper glued onto the paper plate mask. You can work in rows, using different colored tissue paper, or just place the tissue on any way you want. Once you get used to wrapping the paper around the pencil to form a cup, the process does go pretty fast.

Emma and I enjoyed using all kinds of different color tissue paper to decorate our masks. We then used sequins to embellish the mask a bit further. We also used long strips of tissue paper to form a beard. We now have them on display on our fireplace mantle as part of our Chinese New Year display.

Josie enjoyed touching the masks before we put them up on the mantle. The tissue paper gluing technique gives it some dimension and texture.

In elementary school, we used this tissue paper gluing technique to create fancy valentines. It's the same process, but instead of a dragon, you glue your tissue paper onto heart shapes. We might just have to do this project again in a few weeks for Valentine's day.

Happy Crafting!!

PS. Josie's new bed has turned into big sister Emma also getting a new bed. It's going to be a month before the beds arrive from the furniture store. Do you think I have time to patch holes, paint and give their bedroom a complete make over? Stay tuned for more.


Shanna said...

Very nice!! I think we will be skipping this craft, as we still haven't done the last one!
I can't wait to see the girls' new beds! I love getting new furniture!!
Yes! you can get the wall painted before then. Just plan on clearing out a weekend :)

The Young's said...

Where in the world do you get all these awesome crafts?!?! You do SO good at it!!! Thanks for sharing.

I'm excited about Emma's new bed too!! It's SO fun re-doing rooms and things!!! Can't wait to see. And YES...you'll have time to get it all done!!! It just takes a day or two!! You can do it!! :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Tammy said...

If you can find and put together all of these awesome crafts, you can certainly update a room! I can't wait to see the finished project!

Truly Blessed said...

What a fun, but time-consuming craft! I don't know where you get the time to A) think of all these crafts, B) DO them, C) take pictures of each stage, and D) blog about them (not to mention E) STORE THEM!) but they are lovely and you are inspiring!

To answer your question, yes, we did buy CNY tickets at the Christmas thing and we would love to meet up with you to enjoy this even together. What about dinner before? There are a couple of decent Chinese restaurants not too far away.... let me know.

Robin Miller said...

You are kidding, right?! The "Task Master" herself is wondering if she'll have time to simply update a room or two?! Girl, you can have that done in a jiffy...and still have time to produce an amazing craft or two!
I love your ability to get so much done in in such a graceful manner. You are an inspiration to us all!

Shawnstribe said...

aww you guys are so clever, i really need an injection of energy!!!!