January 25, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!!

We spent Sunday celebrating birthdays for our nephew, my father and my Aunt. We hadn't been back home since Christmas and it was nice to get together with everyone again.

Grandma and Emma

Carson, Josie and Liam

Carson turned the big 7 years old and celebrated with a demolition car birthday theme. My sister even found a way to make demolition bingo for the kids.

Playing demolition bingo

Grandpa and Carson reading birthday cards

Grandma made him a demolition car cake. Isn't she clever?

Josie...the party animal!!

If any of you wonder where I get my crafty skills from, it's my mother. Thanks for always keeping art supplies available and encouraging us to be creative. Love you, Mom! Speaking of crafts, on Saturday Emma and I made the neatest red lanterns for Chinese New Year out of recycled glass jars and tissue paper. Instructions and pictures for these festive lanterns will be posted soon.


Unknown said...

It was Sure fun! Birthdays are the best when it is with your family.


Shanna said...

How fun! Josie IS a party animal!
I couldn't help but notice that she was using her left hand for bingo......with a big smile on her face! Too stinkin cute! What a beautiful family you have.

The Young's said...

What a great b'day party!! YES....Josie does look like a party animal in that picture. TOO FUNNY!!! I got your email this morning....We are in the same boat...and do realize that being the only sibling for so long does make it difficult when adding siblings. We pray for wisdom for all of us!! :)

About the blogs....I wonder why you can't get to my blog? Hmmmm....I also have another friend that I cannot get to hers...it says it doesn't exist. Isn't that weird. Keep me posted on what mine says. I can access it...but not sure why you can't. Thanks for letting me know! Gotta run. Have a great week.

Shanna said...

AND because you have such a wonderful blog......you have won a blog award! Hee, hee.
Visit my blog for details

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

What fun, busy weekend!

CrashedAirplane said...

really interesting life...and im looking foward to this kind of life but unable to achieve it yet, anyway, wish all of u happy forever.
happy chinese new year!