January 15, 2009

Can't we buy her a car air freshener?

Emma informed us this evening that we needed to purchase and hang a car air freshener on Josie's cast. I have to admit, her cast is starting to smell like a wet dog. I've been having fantasies about putting Josie in the tub, soaking her right hand, and then lathering her up in coco butter lotion.

Until Monday, we will continue to do our sink baths. Check out this picture taken of Josie getting a bath at her orphanage. This picture was on one of the disposable cameras that we sent in a care package to her orphanage.

And then compare it with this recent picture...


Tammy said...

The photo of Josie getting a bath at the orphanage is priceless! I didn't realize you had photos from a camera you sent. The difference in her now just amazing.

Only a few more days with the cast...:)

Jill said...

Wow! What a difference in the 2 bath picyures! Amazing! (But what a cutie back then too!)
Can't wait to hear the news on Monday!!!

The Young's said...

wow! Look at the difference in those two pictures!!! Shes a different little girl!! It's amazing to see that change!! TOO FUNNY too about her cast smelling. I am SO sensitive to smells. I'd have to do something about it. (hee hee) I look forward to hearing about your doctors appt. on Monday!!! Have a great weekend.

Shanna said...

the stinch is unavoidable with a cast. maybe try sprinkling some powder into it.
the tub pictures are awesome! LOVING the big smile in the home sink!!!

~verna said...

Uh, yeah, stinky!! I remember well. There was no question--that thing was going in the garbage!! Not much longer. Be prepared for gross peeling skin under it. No lotion can really get rid of it as it is totally dead and will have to flake off. So tell your older daughter to warm up the vacuum to keep skin flakes off of her. On a serious note, keep the socks so that she can't itch at night. Until all that dead skin is off, she will be itching like crazy. No baths in the world can get it all off at once. Sorry to the others who are grossed out by my comment.

Steffie B. said...

Oh my gawd......look at the color of the water she is in.....UGH! Yes I would say she looks much cuter in your sink!

So sorry about the stinky smell....poor thing and poor you's! lol

Have a good weekend....

Anonymous said...

Happy Cast-Off Day on Monday!

That is too funny. . .I bet you could invent a cast-freshner and make lots of money!

I love all the crafts you have done, and they look great on the mantle. Have a great weekend!