January 12, 2009

Big girl bed & bedroom makeover!!

Most of my blogging friends know that we have had an interesting relationship with sleep in our house since Josie came home. The first 3 months, she slept in my bed to better deal with her night terrors. We eventually progressed from a co-sleeping relationship, to her sleeping on a single mattress on our master bedroom floor, to her sleeping on her own single mattress on her bedroom floor (with Chris or I next to her), to FINALLY sleeping on her own single mattress (still on the floor) with her big sister Emma in the other single bed in the same room.

Drum roll please...Josie is finally graduating to a big girl bed. No more mattress on the floor! To celebrate, we purchased new bed linens and matching curtains from Ikea. Emma has her own room, but really enjoys sleeping with Josie at night. In Josie's room, both girls will have matching bed linens and that pleases big sister Emma very much.

We haven't purchased Josie's bed yet, but we hope to be able to unveil her new furniture soon. In the mean time, here's a sneak peek at the bed linens and curtains.

1 Week from today, Josie's cast comes off!!! No more kitchen sink bathing and believe me, the smell coming from her hand is getting alittle ripe...Eww!!


redmaryjanes said...

Congratulations Josie!! What a big girl!

Jill said...

Yeah Josie! You go girl!
Can't wait to see the pics with the cast off, I bet you are all getting excited!!
Hugs, Jill

The Young's said...

How awesome!!! Way to go Josie!!! I know you're thrilled too!!! I bet you and Chris are doing the "happy dance"!! I LOVE IKEA too! They have the coolest things!!! Your choices are so pretty!!! I know the girls are SO going to love it!!!

I'm so thrilled Josie's cast comes off next week. I can't wait!! I know you can't either!!

OH...I can't believe you have Hashimotos too! WOW!! What kind of meds do you take? I tried Synthroid for that whole first year and it was HORRIBLE!!! Then my doctor switched me to all natural Armor Thyroid (ground up pig thyroid). It's been wonderful!! But I am just praying and believing that God did work a miracle and it's completely healed. It's no fun having thyroid issues, is it?!!?

Better go. It's late...and I'm sleepy! Love ya,

Tammy said...

Yea! I'm so happy Josie's sleep issues are coming to an end and you guys can get some rest! Her cast is coming off, too--awesome!

Nik's Knacks said...

Woo Hoo Josie! What a big girl!
And congratulations mom and dad :)
How exciting.
Can't wait to see pics of Josie with no cast.
Enjoy the blowy, snowy cold week!

Shanna said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the room all put together. Really pretty fabrics!
I am most excited about the cast removal!!! Yippee!

Susan said...

I love the new linens, and am so glad Josie has graduated to her own big girls bed. Congrat's! What's more exciting to hear, is about the cast is coming off in another week! Woo hoo! Enjoy a good long bubble bath Josie - mom too!


Nicole said...

Yay, Josie!!!!! Katelyn wants to know if you'll come over for a sleep over... Emma can come too!

:o) HUGS!