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March 19, 2011

Show-n-Share Egg Wreath Makeover

Did you know that March 20th marks the first day of spring? I guess it's officially time to take down the winter wreath. I've got a simple and inexpensive spring wreath tutorial for you.

Raise your hand if you love Target's dollar bins?

When I saw their Styrofoam egg wreath for $2.50, I knew it had great potential.

This wreath cost me less than $3 dollars (the silk flowers were .50 cents from Dollar Tree) and the glue, glitter and ribbon, I already had in my stash of craft supplies.


White glue
Glue gun
White glitter
Silk flowers

Step 1. Using a brush, lightly coat each egg with white glue and sprinkle glitter over the glue. Shake excess glitter onto paper.

Step 2. Remove silk flower blossoms and attach to the wreath using a glue gun.

3. Brush silk flower blossoms with white glue and sprinkle with glitter. Shake excess glitter.

Step 4. Hang wreath with a silk ribbon and enjoy!

Happy Spring!


Life in Rehab said...

I just saw that wreath yesterday, dang it! Wish I'd seen your tutorial first.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I SO WISH WE HAD TARGET IN CANADA!! I lament this every time I go shopping state-side. Your wreath turned out beautiful. Happy spring Kim!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

cute, cute, cute!


Lee said...

I passed by that wreath, too! You have an eye for transforming the mundane into something special!
Thanks for sharing!
...wonder if we can make a quick stop on our way out of town....

KayteeJane said...

Wow Kim! That wreath is sweet. Thanks for showing how it was done. You have inspired me to start my Easter crafting.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

How pretty...I love how you added just the right amount of glitter. Very pretty!

Becky said...

How cute! My girls would love it. Thanks for sharing. When we make it I will link back to your post and give you credit for the idea.

Courtney said...

I hit the dollar bins there last night and got the same wreath for my classroom. I may have to give it a little spruce up before Monday!

Karin said...

Oh man...that is sooo much cuter with the embellishments!! I heart the Target $1 bin. You are amazing!

Cyndi - YaYa said...

Definately going to do this.. I love wreaths but usually don't buy them because of the cost. I have 7 doors that need wreaths so it can be a little costly! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas

My Vintage Mending said...

You know I never like those wreaths because they are so plain. It never dawned on me to add to them and glitter them. Honestly, I think I way overthink things far too often. Thanks for sharing...Renee

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Easter isnt normally a holiday we decorate for...shear lack of supplies :0) BUT these are adroable and so easy too!

Trisha said...

That is adorable! I have been wanting to make a wreath like that but was unsure how to get the eggs on-now I am off to Target to but one already made for me...thanks for the tip!!