October 23, 2008

Bathroom Makeover

Even the bathroom gets a Halloween makeover in our house. During our adult Halloween party, we normally keep the bathroom lit with black lightening so that all our glow-n-the-dark stuff looks extra creepy. Being that this is a family-friendly party, we'll also have the overhead lights in working order Saturday night.

I shot a video of the bathroom with its black-lighting last night.

Our alien was a former child mannequin from my grandparents clothing store. He's covered in tinfoil and wearing an alien mask, hands and feet.

What breakfast isn't complete without a good Franken Berry serving of cereal? Don't worry, she also had a banana with this lovely sugar-filled cereal.

The party countdown continues...


Shanna said...

You crack me up!! Your bathroom is even better than my haunted house!!
I saw that cereal in the grocery store. I asked Kai if he wanted them and he said, "NO! Scary!". Josie looks very unafraid of Frankenberries :D
So cute!
Have a great day!

The Young's said...

that is hilarious!!!! I would never think to do something in the bathroom too. Wow....it looks cool in the dark!!! Yall are SO creative!!!

Unknown said...

We are so excited come to your party on Sat. -- the decorations look so awsome. We drove by in the dark and loved all the outdoor decorations. Your house should be in the paper. The kids are drooling over the popcorn machine. see you Sat. Kathy

Shanna said...

I swear, I think you have changed the banner again!! Had to comment and say that I LOVE it. You inspired me..... I put a "wall clinger" up in my bathroom after viewing the video. So cool! and I say again.... YOU ROCK!

Mike and Barb said...

Love your latest Blog - header!! You're good.
Okay, that bathroom is FREAKY!!!! Poor Nina would be terrified at your house. I have a picture hanging up of Elia's handprint in white on a black paper (when they talked about XRays in Preschool) - she is even scared of that! LOL!
Can't wait to see the final "reveal" of all your party suprises!!
Love, Barb