October 30, 2008

Michael Phelps"kin"

Emma's school always hosts a pumpkin contest. Emma wanted to do something with her pumpkin to honor the Summer Olympics, so Chris and Emma decided to create a Michael Phelps"kin".

Baglady Emma

Step 1 (spray paint the pumpkin white)

Step 2 (spray paint the pumpkin blue)

Step 3 (with Daddy's help, use star stencils to paint stars on the pumpkin)

Step 4 (frantically look for swim goggles, a swim cap, Olympic medals and Mr. Potato Head pieces to decorate the pumpkin)

I'd love to find a way to send Michael Phelps a picture of his honorary pumpkin. Great job, Emma and Daddy!


Shanna said...

Awesome! Creative! Surely she will get a blue ribbon!
You must send a picture to Mr. Phelps :D
Great job Emma and Dad!

Robin Miller said...

Okay, I now know to whom I will beg for ideas whenever there's a project due....seriously, the creativity running through the Kenward household just amazes me.
Michael Phelps must get a picture! Emma will surely win the contest hands-down!

Sherri said...

Very cute! My daughter is a major Phelps Phan! We got a stencil for her pumpkin to make his face--it looks really difficult, so I don't know if she can pull it off.

I loved yours!


Angela said...

Awesome, lt us know how she does. And hate to say it, but check face book, he might be in there!

Leslie said...

wow, that takes pumkins to next level! great job!

Mike and Barb said...

No way - this is too cool!! What a great job, Chris and Emma!!!

The Young's said...

This is AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!!! You guys are just so creative!! Yes...I agree, Emma will win this contest. We've gotta get Michael Phelps to see this one!!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

redmaryjanes said...

FABULOUS! That is the coolest pumpkin I have ever seen!

Kay Bratt said...

that is just the coolest thing I've ever seen! Well, maybe not "ever seen" but it's close...

Kay Bratt said...

Oops, I posted my comment and THEN read the other comments. I sound like a copycat. But I still stand by my comment!