October 19, 2008

Living Room Halloween Decorations

We're officially done with decorating the living room for the Halloween party. Chris dug out the ladders, the lights, and the battery-operated pumpkins last night. After the girls were in bed, he put the final touches on everything.

Here's a video of Chris stringing lights.
It drives me nuts to see him on the ladders, but the effect is worth it.

I'm also including some close-up shots of the living room below.

A few years ago, we scored several horror movie posters at the dollar store.
We love those kind of deals!!

A shot of the piano with our skull collection.

Mr. Ceiling Spider

A few other things...

When Emma was three, she nicknamed this creature "kiki".
He stands guard underneath our Halloween tree.

A shot of the living room from the front porch.

We're still not done with our decorating. The garage and the downstairs family room still need to be transformed for the party. The weather predictions aren't looking too dry for Saturday night (drat). We'll be utilizing every inch of our house for the party festivities. More pictures to come throughout the week!!!