October 31, 2008

Last Halloween post...

Josie had a fabulous time trick or treating this evening. She quickly got the hang of saying thank you and shoving her pumpkin bucket in the doorway of strangers homes. Emma is having a sleep over with 3 of closest friends and they graciously allowed Josie and I to attend in their trick or treating adventures this evening. Josie actually enjoyed passing out candy with Daddy just as much as receiving candy. I put together a very short video highlighting our evening and our outdoor decorations and Chris's fabulous pumpkins. I've focused so much on the indoors and the outdoors is equally wonderful.

This is my last Halloween post. It's officially over and it's always alittle bittersweet when this night comes to an end. I'll be honest, I'm dreading putting everything away. Anyone want to join me in packing up a few Halloween creatures? Pretty please?


Shanna said...

Great pics and video! I promise I would help you pack up everything if we lived closer..... Thank heaven that we don't!!! Girl, you have got your hands FULL.
Happy Halloween to you and your sweet family!

Kay Bratt said...

Love the video. My favorite props are the "turn back now" pumpkins. You are so creative! I had two lit pumpkins on my porch and that was it-- but it didn't stop a million little kids from ringing the doorbell! I had a ball handing out candy--


Shanna said...

Kim~ I had to tell you how much fun I have had showing your Halloween video to everyone! I am so blown away by it all.
We dedicated all day today to packing up everything and cleaning our mess. I can't imagine how long it will take you to get yours put away. Two words...... storage unit!!
Hugs to you my friend!

The Young's said...

Love the song on the video!!! SO FUN!! You guys just did an amazing job!! It would be nice if someone would create lights that you could keep up all year long and you could change their color depending on the holiday. So...instead of taking them down...you'd just push a button...and voila!!!! They're red and green and ready for Christmas!!! I can't imagine taking it all down! I'd totally be overwhelmed!!!!! You'll be SO relieved once it's done though!! :) I've really enjoyed watching you guys have fun with that this year!!! So cool!!! Have a great weekend!

Mike and Barb said...

Ohhhhhhh, the video of little Josie trotting down the street is just too adorable for words!! So cute! And I love all the pumpkins from the pumpkin master!!
Happy Clean-up *wink*, and thanks for taking us on your Halloween-journey!
Love, Barb

Caroline said...

What an amazing evening! Nora rejected Halloween. It was a little bit sad. Luckily I had photos of her in her costume eariler. But, she refused to get dressed on halloween. We have a parade that goes through town and she loved that, and all the candy that was thrown her way. Love to all! Caroline