October 17, 2008

Dracula counting at the Kenward household...

One of our oldest Halloween creatures is a life-sized Dracula. In our Greenville home, he took up residence outside. He is constructed out of clothes, newspapers and railroad ties. Each year he has to be put back together and re-stuffed after spending a winter in our garage attic.

When we moved into our current house seven years ago, he became an indoor fixture. We have vaulted ceilings and he is perched above our entertainment center in the living room. A few years back, Walgreens sold stuffed animal-type Halloween creatures. Josie has adopted the stuffed Dracula and refers to it as her baby Dracula. Today's short video features Josie and our Dracula collections.


Shanna said...

That is just so darn cute!!! Josie has the sweetest voice :D
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Hugs to you~

Mike and Barb said...

She talks soooo well!!!!
Too cute (Josie,anyway :-) ).
Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

What beautiful girls!! How sweet.