October 20, 2008

Josie's Hand Surgery

We met with Josie's hand surgeon Monday. We've scheduled her surgery for December 18th. It's a 2.5 hour procedure. They'll do it at the Devos Children's Hospital (our local hospital). She should be able to go home that same day. It'll all depend on her heart (which should be fine since her repair back in April) and how she comes out of surgery.

During our required medical exam in Guangzhou, the Chinese doctor insisted she didn't have bone or nerves in her extra thumb (WRONG) and was quite harsh about getting it removed right away. Considering how serious her heart condition was, we were surprised at how much he focused on her extra thumb and not over the fact that her heart murmur was severe or that she had blue lips, toes or fingers. I'd like to give him a piece of my mind right about now. Oh well.

The doctor will need to borrow some ligaments and tendons from the thumb they are removing. Her good thumb is missing a few important things so he can recycle some of the parts of her bad thumb. After her surgery, she'll be in a full cast (complete hand all the way up to the shoulder for five weeks and in a sling). She have two pins in her thumb that will eventually come out. She'll have to learn how to use her new hand correctly, but he thinks she'll pick it up really quickly.

Chris and I decided to schedule the surgery right before Christmas break so that we could take time off and be with her during the hardest part of the adjustment period. Considering everything this little girl has gone through in her seven months home, this ought to be fairly easy...right?

Emma will just have to help Josie unwrap Christmas presents this year. I'm guessing she won't mind ONE single bit!


Mike and Barb said...

Bless her little heart!!!
Love, Barb

Angela said...

wow. I'm impressed Josie is so strong, and her heart is so strong, that the next surgery can be planned. Your little girl is clearly a fighter!

The Young's said...

Wow...you guys are all troopers!!! I know you'll be so glad to have your final surgery!!! We will be praying that it goes smooth and that the Lord guides that doctors hand!!! It will definitely be an interesting holiday, huh?!?! I pray it will be wonderful for you all!!! Keep us posted!
Love ya,

Unknown said...

No problem...Josie can handle this!! I agree and pray the Drs have Godly wisdom to fix her hand/thumb perfectly! What a year this will be when you look back on 2008...

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Somewhere in all I had going on last year, imagine that, I didn't remember Josie had an extra thumb. We will certainly be praying for her, and we know from experience that these girls are made of tough stuff!
BTW, I did not find my camera. I've borrowed my sister's until she makes me give it back. ;)

Robin Miller said...

I am overjoyed to find out that while this surgery will be pretty tedious, you'll be going home that same day. Josie can definitely handle it---this is small potatoes compared to what she's been through! God made our girls from tough stuff.

The Miller family will be praying hard in December for a fast recovery. My BIL and SIL will be traveling to China around February to bring home "Kai", who has an extra toe on each foot. I wonder if the surgeries are similar....
Looking forward to seeing the festivities--even if only through pictures.

Kay Bratt said...


That just made my blood boil...I am not surprised at the Chinese doctors reaction to her thumb, though. That is predictable.

Sorry...but I'd spend the money just to fly over and kick his butt.


Shanna said...

Josie is so amazingly strong, she will bounce back in no time flat! I think it is so nice that you won't need to stay over night in the hospital. What a blessing!!
I'd be willing to bet that Josie will be able to open her gifts without Emma's help!! heh! She may even be tempted to use her cast as a weapon, so watch out!! ha!

Tammy said...


I'm just now able to respond--our internet has been down.

I'm sorry Josie has to go through another surgery, we have been blessed with some tough little girls, though. She'll do great!