October 24, 2008

Pumpkins & Party Games

Chris is one heck of a master pumpkin carver. I'm not even going to attempt to say that I help out in the pumpkin carving festivities. I stay on the other side of the camera lens and far away from the pumpkin ooze.

Chris has a local farmer that gives him a deal on his pumpkins because he buys them in bulk. It's not uncommon for Chris to carve up to thirty pumpkins in celebration of the Halloween party. He literally pulls an all-nighter to get them all carved in time for the party.

Here are just a few of his masterpieces:

Chris's favorite tip is to carve out the bottom (instead of the top) and then use the large Christmas bulbs to light the pumpkins from underneath. Most of the pumpkins line our walkway and our graveyard during the party.

In addition to pumpkin carving, the party games are almost all unpacked and arranged throughout the house. Without giving away too many secrets, I did manage to take a few pictures this evening.

This is pin the wart on the witch. We'll be using mini green playdoh balls for the warts.

Many of the games require throwing. Those special games are in the garage (hee hee).

If you look closely at the pop, I managed to find spooky labels at our local dollar store. Too cool!

Emma filled the sucker tree last night and Josie decided to rearrange all the suckers again this evening. The sucker tree is now out of reach from a very busy toddler!!

I promise to take as many pictures as I can during the party. We have record numbers for this year's gathering. It'll be interesting to see how Josie takes in all the activity, costumes and new people in our house. Speaking of costumes, Chris and I have amazing costumes and wigs this year. I'm not quite sure how long I'll manage to stay in costume (and wig) all the while chasing a toddler, refilling a popcorn machine and managing games. I think my favorite activity this year will be the face-painter that we've hired for the party. I can't wait to see all the kiddos with their special face-painting makeup.


Steffie B. said...

WOW!!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Robin Miller said...

Have you guys ever considered dropping the daytime gigs and going into party planning full-time? I'm very serious! You could make a killing!! I look at the pictures and just can't even imagine how long it takes to bring all of this together, and the average people couldn't pull all of this off without professional help. You should be featured on a TLC program!
Can't wait to see the pics from tonight. Good luck!

Shanna said...

That is truly amazing! I can't believe how awesome Chirs is at his pumpkin art! This will surely be the party that everyone will talk about for years to come. I have seen some really good decorations, but yours tops them all!
I see Josie is still enjoying the popcorn :D
Have a wonderful time at your party!!

Mike and Barb said...

I SO agree with Robin - you guys are the PROS at this, and you should at least tell your local TV station about your party, and the newspaper, and Oprah....
Can I hire Chris for pumpkin carving??? Those are absolutelty incredible!!!!!!
Have FUN, FUN, FUN tonight!!
Love, Barb

Hope for Lucy said...

Wow. How I wish I could get on a plane and come to the party. Yall are awesome. I know that everyone is going to have a wonderful time.
The pumpkins look great. I cant wait to see all the pictures.
Wishing all to have a great time.

Green Party of 5ive

The Young's said...

Love the lollipop tree....how awesome!!!! You guys have done an amazing job. I LOVE seeing all the pictures of everyone there too. 126!!!! WOW....that's an amazing number of people. by the way...I LOVE yours and Chris' costume!!!! Yall are amazing!!!! I can tell you had a great time. I bet you're pooped!!! WHEW!!! Now that it's over you can breathe a sigh of relief!!!! Gotta run. Talk to ya soon.
Love ya,