October 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Josie!

Today marks our 7th month Josie anniversary. Her vocabulary and cognitive development continues to amaze. She's definitely spicy, lovable, spicy, creative, spicy, happy, spicy, energetic, and did I mention spicy???

She's finally outgrown all the darling shoes we purchased in China. I took her shoe shopping on Monday and she's definitely got a much bigger foot. As a child with a heart condition, I can't tell you how relieved I am to see healthy pink toes. Seeing blue toes before her heart surgery was downright scary.

In the clothing department, she's almost able to wear 18 month pants. If the pants have an adjustable waistband, we're in business!

She eats like you wouldn't believe. Her appetite is amazing and she's not afraid to try just about anything. Rice is no longer a staple in our household.

She's even starting to show an interest with potty training. It's not consistent, but if there is candy involved, she's game to try her potty chair.

Our sleeping has been the pits again. Why Josie thinks 1:30am is an acceptable time to be up, we'll never know. She's definitely an early riser. Chris and I can "almost" handle 5:30am, but 1:30am, is downright painful when we have function at work the next day. Chris and I are back to playing musical beds again at night...yawn.

Tomorrow, I'm taking Josie for bloodwork. On Monday, we're visiting her hand surgeon to schedule her extra thumb removal. On Friday, we're visiting an Occupational Therapist for evaluation.

Adopting a child with special needs definitely keeps our doctor's office and medical insurance busy. Thank goodness for amazing medical insurance.

Happy Anniversary, sweet girl. We love you so much.


Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary Kenwards! I hope everything goes well at Josie's appointments.


Shanna said...

Josie's speech is awesome! AND I am totally impressed with how well she worked those flash cards! I bet little Emma had a lot to do with that.
I can't believe she is still waking at 1:30. That is just awful.
Well, happy 7 months anyway :)
Hugs to the Kenwards

Mike and Barb said...

What a smart little girl!!!!
She is so adorable (in the daytime!!! - that 1:30am business would kill me too!!!!!)
Happy Anniversary!