October 19, 2008

Garage Makeover

Even the garage has undergone a makeover for the Halloween party. A great trick for covering up garage walls, tools, and other junk is to hang black plastic from the ceiling. Being a Kenward, we take it a step further and sponge paint blocks on the black plastic to give it a bit of dimension. In the past, Chris has used a car washing sponge to paint blocks. This year, he and Emma went at the painting with a cheap mop. The sponge on the mop was the perfect size and the handle made it easy for stamping paint.

While Chris and Emma were stamping paint in the garage, Josie and I had to do our own painting in the kitchen. She didn't quite understand why she couldn't join in the garage painting festivities.

Without giving away all the garage decorating secrets (we've got to save a little suspense for the party guests) here's a tiny glimpse...


Shanna said...

Just when I think you have thought of it all!!!! What a riot.... the witches legs under the brick wall are too cool!
What I wouldn't give to attend your crazy party. Perhaps next year?
Good luck tomorrow!

Nik's Knacks said...

Very cool idea, you guys!
Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a house so decked out for ANYTHING!!
Boy, I wish we could be at that party!
Post LOTS of pictures for me :)

The Young's said...

OH MY...what a neat idea!!! You guys NEVER cease to amaze me!!!! SUCH great ideas!!! yall are so creative!!! I just know you're going to have an amazing time!!! You really should get the news or something out there. I've NEVER seen so many decorations!!!! Hope you have a great week.
Love ya,

Unknown said...

Wow...everytime I pop in on your blog..I'm amazed at all the work that is going into your decorations!! So...tell me, how long does it take you to take it all down?? :) Do you leave it up for a while after halloween?