October 15, 2008

Feeling alittle witchy...

Chris put together my favorite hanging creature this evening. She's a lovely witch that is flying above our Halloween tree.

She also has several fluffy clouds that are suspended around her. Black lightening and flickering lights give off the illusion that the clouds are storming. This quick video clip shows Chris in action with his two sets of ladders as he gets the witch display ready. Both girls were in bed when he worked on this. The ladders are just too tempting for a busy toddler who likes to climb on everything!!


Shanna said...

Miss Witchy is so cool! You have got to tell me how you make the clouds so realistic.
Are you finished decorating YET?

I hope you are rested today and Josie is doing better :D

Mike and Barb said...

Have you guys ever entered your house in a halloween decorating contest?? Or contacted some magazine to come look at it??
You really should!!!
Love, Barb

The Young's said...

OK....wow...you guys are amazing!! Barb is right...you SHOULD enter a contest. I don't think I know anyone that goes out like this! You would win!!! I can't believe everything you guys have come up with! How much more do you plan on doing before the final event?!?! I can't wait to see pix of that night!! Everyone will have so much fun!!! have a great weekend!
Love ya,

Unknown said...

Chris put together my favorite hanging creature this evening.As for Helen being a reincarnation it's a little fuzzy there of gore and the intense feeling of dread that I felt throughout this entire movie.He's worked there now a little over one week and he wants us all to pack it up and go it alone.

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